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Geister, founded in 1984, is a manufacturer of surgical instruments with focus on cardiovascular, neuro, joint and powered surgery

Geister Products

Founded in 1976 Tekno’s highly skilled craftsmen have been supplying the medical industry with top quality instruments for over 40 years.

Tekno Products

Neuro & Spinal

Surgical Instruments for Neuro and Spinal Surgery

Micro & Neuro Surgery Instruments

Yasargil aneurysm vessel-clips & applying forceps, nerve hooks, micro-scissors,-forceps,-needle holders, laminectomy punches, rongeurs

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Self Retaining Spinal Retractor

Self Retaining Spinal Retractors with radiolucent PEEK blades

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Spinal Retractor Systems

Geister’s top range of spinal and neuro retractor systems including Peek or Titanium Cervical Retractor Set according to Caspar, Spinal Distractor Set according to Caspar and the Lumbar Specula Retractor

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Semi Detachable Kerrison Punches

Our new range of semi-detachable kerrison punches for neuro and spinal surgery. Designed specially for easy cleaning and lightweight for reduced fatigue during operations.

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Approach Sets for Spinal Surgery

Spinal sets for basic spine approach, anterior cervical approach, anterior lumbar approach and posterior lumbar approach

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Frame Retractor System

Frame retractor system for anterior and lateral spinal access

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Anterior Spinal Surgery

Please find our complete system of coordinated instruments recommended for use in cage implantation and vertebral body replacement procedures

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Neuro Ronguers

Geister’s newly developed range of detachable Spinal IVD and Laminectomy rongeurs

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Instruments for Neuro and Spinal Surgery

Our complete range of the highest quality instruments and micro instruments dedicated to neuro and spine surgery

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Geister's K-Rex Rongeur

Introducing Geister’s K-Rex Ronguer

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