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Geister, founded in 1984, is a manufacturer of surgical instruments with focus on cardiovascular, neuro, joint and powered surgery

Geister Products

Founded in 1976 Tekno’s highly skilled craftsmen have been supplying the medical industry with top quality instruments for over 40 years.

Tekno Products

Laparoscopic instruments and Scopes

Surgical Instruments for Laparoscopic Surgery

Laparoscopes and reusable laparoscopic instruments

View Tekno’s comprehensive catalogue of telescopes and instruments for laparoscopic surgery

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Electro Surgery Products

View Tekno’s range of HF Diathermy units, footswitches, electrode handles, reusable monopolar forceps, bipolar forceps, diathermy cables and related accessories

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Mini & Micro System for MIS

Mini and micro scopes and instruments for MIS

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Tekno Laparoscopy Instruments

A catalogue of specialist scopes and instruments dedicated to laparoscopic surgical procedures

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